Providing engineering leaders with impactful insights that drive efficient delivery by integrating into your existing development environment.

Time Tracking

All-in-one platform for AI-powered time tracking

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Resource Allocation

Ensure optimal utilization and productivity across projects by streamlining resource allocation for your engineering teams.

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Remove the burden of manual time entries from your team with a fully automated approach.

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Fast Onboarding

Setup and onboard your team in minutes, nothing to install.

R&D Management

Concrete R&D Evidence means more money

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Bigger Claims

Optimize documentation processes to ensure that all eligible activities and expenditures are captured, increasing the likelihood of successful tax credit claims.

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Automated categorization

Capture and store all R&D activities and expenditures automatically using AI, minimizing manual effort and ensuring accurate records.

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Comply to CRA and IRA programs and regulations, like SRED and SEC 174.


Native integrations with  your favorite tools

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10+ integrations

Integrate with the most popular tools to eliminate manual tasks. We are constantly adding integrations!

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Data sync

As you connect integrations, Chrono Platform ingests data, syncing across your tools and providing value out of identified signals.

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Data categorization

Not only Chrono Platform analyses data from connected tools, but it also categorizes it into a normalized data structure.

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