No more worrying about forgetting to fill out your timesheet. With pre-filled timesheets in Teams, everything is taken care of for you.


Automatic Time Tracking for Teams

Connecting Chrono Platform with Teams allows to send pre-filled timesheets to your team in form of an interactive message. The more integrations you have, the more precise the pre-filled timesheets are.

Remove the burden of tracking and entering time data and simply connect Teams to your Chrono workspace. It will:

  • Send pre-filled timesheets to you and your team, every day
  • Allows you to modify or add precisions to your time data directly in Teams
  • Ensure high timesheet completion rates for you and your team.

Synergy with other integrations

You can combine Teams with calendar integrations and project management integrations.

How to connect this integration?

Simply create a Chrono Platform workspace and connect Teams through the integrations section.