Without changing your Asana workflow, Chrono Platform derives time data from Asana tickets activity and categorizes work for you and your team.


Automatic Time Tracking for Asana

Connecting Asana allows Chrono Platform to analyze tasks that are being worked on so time entries can be created for you and your team everyday.  There are no manual actions required, no timers to start and no amount of time to manually enter.

With Chrono Platform, you can easily see how much time is being spent on each task, and even get reports on where time is being spent across your whole team. This information can be invaluable in optimizing your workflow and ensuring that everyone is productive. Connecting Chrono with Asana provides you with:

  • How ressources are allocated across initiatives, like Asana epics
  • Daily automatically categorized time data represented in time sheets for your entire team
  • No manual time entry or categorization required
  • Connect Jira once and Chrono Platform starts tracking time for all users, no extra configuration required

Synergy with other integrations

You can combine Asana with calendar integrations and communication tool integrations.

How to connect this integration?

Simply create a Chrono Platform workspace and connect Asana through the integrations section.